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On which kind of day would you expect the most evaporation from the surface of a pond?
A) Warm, rainy
B) Cold, rainy
C) Warm, sunny
D) Cold, sunny
Predict what might happen to a river when heavy rains soak the soil near it. The river will
A) not change
B) rise
C) freeze
D) sink
What source of energy evaporates the most water from Earth's surface?
A) volcanoes
B) lightning
C) the sun
D) wind
What does heat from the sun cause water to do?
A) travel deeper into the soil
B) change into a solid
C) evaporate into the air
D) fall from clouds as rain
Where is most water found on Earth?
A) in lakes
B) in rivers
C) in oceans
D) in glaciers
What controls whether water is a gas, liquid or solid ice?
A) if it is being used for anything
B) how long it has been in a place
C) what cup it is in
D) what it's temperature is